Yogendra Eco-Ashram- Cali, Colombia

“Loving Service through Yoga and the Vedic Holistic Therapies”

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Diciembre 1-21, 2021

Yogendra Eco-Ashram- Cali, Colombia

Welcome to our Yoguic Oasis! Just 15 mins from the center of Cali, you’ll find pure nature with panoramic views to enjoy as you’re in a yoga class, lounging on a hammock, or taking a refreshing dip in the pool. Join us for a Yoga class, as a guest , volunteer or participate in our Retreat Style International Teacher Trainings!

Our Yoga style reflects the creativity and fluid movement of Vinyasa Yoga, the refined alignment and heart opening of Anusara Yoga, and the community building elements of Partner Yoga and Acro Yoga.

Our practice and lifestyle is embedded with the Bhakti Yoga Philosophy of love and devotion in all that we do! We see this practice as a way to purify and awaken our consciousness as well as inspire our daily lives.

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How to arrive to Eco-Ashram Yogendra

-In car or Taxi: Head towards the road that leads to “Cristo Rey”, when you arrive to the CAI (Police Station) of Cristo Rey, you’ll come to a fork in the road, stay to the left and take the first unpaved road on the left. There is a large green sign that says “Callejon el Morro.” Walk on this road for approx. 5mins and you’ll see a large sign for Yogendra Eco-Ashram on the right hand side.

In spanish to say to the taxi driver:

Vas en la vía hacia Cristo Rey, cuando llegues al CAI de Cristo Rey, encuentras una Y ahí te diriges hacia la izquierda por un caminito donde hay un aviso que dice “CALLEJON EL MORRO”, avanzas 2 minutos y encuentras el Eco-Ashram al lado derecho. Veras otro aviso grande en la entrada que dice “Yogendra Ashram.”

-Public Transport: The Jeeps and Chivas (colorful buses) leave from the Cali’s Centro (Center) Cr10 con Calle 10. They leave every 30mins from 5:30am until 5:00pm. It’s takes about 30mins to reach the CAI (Police Station) of Cristo Rey, stay to the left and take the first unpaved road on the left. There is a large green sign that says “Callejon el Morro.” Walk on this road for approx. 5mins and you’ll see a large sign for Yogendra Eco-Ashram on the right hand side.

Getting to Cali:

From the USA there are direct flights from Miami and Newark Airports or you can connect in Bogota (1hr) or Panama City (1hr). If you’re coming from South America, there are Direct Flights from Quito, Guayaquil and Lima.


American, United, LAN, Avianca, Taca and Spirit Airlines.
For flights within Colombia the best options are Vivacolombia, Avianca and LAN.

Yogendra Ashram is a convenient 45 min drive from the Cali International Airport. We offer a direct transportation option for around $25 USD. Taxis at the airport are more expensive, as there are city limit fees coming from the airport and will charge around $35

Arriving by Bus:

If you’re arriving in bus from the South of Colombia or Ecuador, we live relatively close to the Bus Terminal in the north (15mins), you’ll pass through all of Cali to get here.

If you’re arriving by bus from Bogota, you’ll reach the Bus Terminal as you enter the city from the North. The trip to/from Bogota is approx. 10-12 hours.

Most Colombias, especially Caleños (people who live in Cali) are extremely friendly and will help you get where ever you need to go. Very few speak English.

Ashram Information

While staying at Yogendra Eco-Ashram we ask that you follow these simple guidelines to maintain harmony and promote growth and transformation:

Respect the peaceful atmosphere of the Center by choosing positive actions, words, and attitudes.

All ashram participants agree to wake up by 6am Mon-Sat, and either join in the morning program of meditation and yoga or do a self practice.

This is a 100% alcohol, cigarette, and drug free space. We encourage and invite you to not drink, smoke, drink coffee or take drugs during your stay so you can get the most out of your time here.

This is a lacto-vegetarian kitchen and home. We ask that you consume No animal products (besides dairy), while on the premises. No meat or eggs on the property.

We ask that you take responsibility to treat this space as a temple by maintaining the cleanliness of your room and public spaces. This includes the choice and volume of your music and keeping your personal items out of public spaces.

Observe noble silence from 9:00 pm until 7:00 am.

We close the Ashram's front gate at 8:30pm.

When you're participating in a program at the ashram you may decide leave the ashram in the afternoons or evenings. We recommend focusing on your yoga retreat and holding to a vegetarian, caffeine free and drug free lifestyle even outside of the Ashram.

If you have any personal problem, difficulty, or issue with anybody at the Center (volunteer, teacher or student) please talk to a staff member as soon as a problem arises. Most instances of difficulties between individuals in a group are generally a case of misunderstanding or miscommunication and can be easily dealt with.

Many of the visitors to Yogendra are seeking spiritual retreat, please respect the individual process by avoiding seeking new romantic relationships during your stay at the ashram.

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