Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist Certification

July 12-22, 2024
Yoga Alliance International Certification 100 Hours

Welcome to the Bhakti Yoga School
in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru

The word Bhakti means; devotion, divine love.
It reminds us that the highest goal in life is love.
Love is the highest aspiration of the soul.

What is the inspiration for this course?

Ayurveda aims for every human being to be in “Swastha”; situated in the self (Pakriti) for complete balance. You will learn to use Ayurvedic expertise to help you retain and regain this balance. Through this course your lifestyle changes and you learn to lead a life in harmony.

After you have found your way of living that is well aligned, seeing how simple it is, you will be inspired to share those tools with others. In this course, the two ancient sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda come together to give us the answers. Health, Peace and Tranquility are possible.

Introduction to Ayurvedic Nutrition

General information

Estimated time

11 days and 100 hours.
Theoretical and practical classes and experiential cooking classes and therapies.

Previous requirements

All levels of experience welcome!

Course Content

A complete study manual, recipes. homework, and weekly practices for integration.

How to save my space in the course and start changing my life?

Course themes:

Marma Therapy

(oil massage) Therapy

We invite you to stay in our Bhakti Yoga Ashram in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru during the program to receive the full experience of an Ayurvedic Retreat in nature.

Your Ayurveda experience includes all delicious vegetarian meals, prasadam and Sattvic (no onion or garlic, spice mixes for health and cold pressed oils or ghee) as well as farm-to-table organic ingredients based on Ayurvedic principals.

The schedule is:

7:30am with meditation/pranayama and kirtan musical meditation
8:30-9:30 breakfast
9:30-11:00 philosophy and theory of Ayurveda
11:00-12:15 practical practice in the kitchen of the therapeutic modalities
12:15-1:30 Ayurvedic Yoga Practice
1:30-3:00pm lunch and rest
3-4:30pm group dynamic activities and Ayurveda theory
4:30-5:30pm Practical Therapies
5:30pm-6:30pm integration time
6:30pm evening Bhakti Yoga Meditation in the temple (optional)
7pm dinner

Evening activities, healing or sound meditation, ceremonies or Rest

About the facilitator

Syam Vallabhi D.D.

(Samantha Miller)

Syam Vallabhi, an international yoga and Ayurveda teacher and therapist, was introduced to yoga in 2001 and has since dedicated her life to studying and teaching yoga, healing arts and Ayurveda throughout the world. A senior teacher at the Bhakti Yoga School and founder of the 500 Hour Teacher Training Program program, she organizes.

She organizes international teacher trainings in Colombia, Peru and India. Syam is the founder and director of Yogendra Eco-Ashram in Cali, Colombia (www.yogashramcali.com) Syam has been certified in Ayurveda in India since 2008 and has studied with various Ayurvedic masters in the USA. She just completed her Internship in India with doctor Kumar in Advanced Ayurveda Panchakarma and is in continuing study with Divya Altar based in NYC. She travels to India every year to deepen her studies and to guide students in the sacred sites and practices.

Syam Vallabhi is dedicated to her path as a Bhakti Yogini, to her teachers Gurudeva Atulananda Acarya Majaraj and Chaitanya Nitai Das, and to sharing transformative tools to empower others to align with her life purpose and true happiness. She humbly offers from her heart what she continues to learn from her practice, her teachers, and all beings she encounters on her journeys.
This is a 100 hour course.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Bhakti Yoga School Certification and you will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance 100hr RYT, an internationally recognized certification.

PAYMENT METHODS: Cash / Paypal (With Credit Card)/ Revolut/ Wise or Transfer in the US, Colombia, Peru.

Your investment: $1,475 USD
Early bird $1,375 with deposit of $300Usd by
May 12, 2024
Camila (Cali, Colombia)
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"The Yoga and Ayurveda course for me is a healing experience, one more step for one's own spiritual growth, in Yoga and in being able to help others. It is closer to health, well-being, a seed that Syam with his great love and knowledge sows in us and that we must continue cultivating and nurturing. Very nice course, excellent learning and from the hand of a great human being such as Syam! Thank you infinite
Emma (Maestra de Reiki)
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"Wonderful Certification in Ayurveda and Yoga, the perfect union of two powerful sciences that share their ancestral wisdom with us. I personally recommend you to take this certification because it is an excellent self-knowledge tool that contributes to your own physical, mental, and emotional healing process. and spiritual. You will discover your imbalances in your Doshas and begin to better understand your body at the level of food, daily routines, meditation and yoga postures. A wonderful process that helped me better understand why some foods and schedules were not appropriate for me wellness. Infinite thanks to our dear Teacher Syam for sharing this wonderful experience in such a practical and profound way. Thank you for your sweetness and delivery."
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"I started the Ayurveda course thanks to Syam and because it was also the right time to do it and to be able to expand my knowledge and my perception about a science that comes directly from the SOURCE, like many other ancient sciences, somehow man managed to establish aspects that could give him physical, mental and spiritual health and Ayurveda is one of the most complete. I am happy to have been able to finish this course that, beyond being a job, is a super tool to help, and even more so in these times, people who only need some advice and the desire to be able to change or direct their life and health. "
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"Taking the Yoga and Ayurveda course with Syam has been a deep and wonderful experience. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to have this time of reconnection with my essence and loving inner work. The energy with which the classes are given, the study material, the information and the constant accompaniment, make everything learned an experience that can be integrated into life and that the effects of leading a lifestyle can be experienced. more aware and balanced, and experiencing this change in myself has inspired me to want to share it with others, and the course is organized in such a way that it provides everything necessary to be able to do so."

“Loving Service Through Yoga”